It's My Life!!!


i,me & myself!


(",)~hug harder.laugh bigger.lOvelOnger~(",)
dOnt gO lOOkin' fOr lOve;let it find yOu bcOz dats why its called falling;yOu dOnt mean tO...
y O u j u s t d O

i believe dat everything happens fOr a reasOn..peOple change sO dat u can learn tO let gO,things gO wrOng sO dat u appreciate 'em when dey r rite,u believe lies sO u eventually learn 2 trust nO One but YOURSELF! & sumtymes gud things fall apart sO better things can fall 2gether..

Ayahanda dan Bonda

wif ma siz..

kawan-kawan ku..mishh yOu all..

DOn't walk behind me; I may nOt lead. DOn't walk in front Of me; I may not fOllOw. Just walk beside me and be my friend.

"a simple 'big' gurl"