Thursday, April 9, 2009


stand for Malaysian University English Test.
is a competency test administered by the Malaysian Examination Council to measure the level of English proficiency of students who intend to pursue degree courses in Malaysia. The MUET syllabus is specifically designed for students preparing for the MUET. The syllabus items reflect closely the requirement of the MUET and cover the four language skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, all of which will essential for the preparation of the MUET. The syllabus also incorporates language skills which will enable you to cope with the language needs when making the transition from secondary to tertiary education.

MUET is a test made up of four papers- Listening, Speaking, Reading Comprehension and Writing. The test measures your proficiency of the English language based on an aggregate score ranging from zero to three hundred (0-300). The aggregate scores are then banded into six levels of achievement.


p/s: heheh..sebnarnyer,besok de skill mjawab MUET hihihi.. betempat di skola Sultan Omar,
sbnarnya buat kat skola aizek, tp xjadi plak..huuh..bagosla...jimat minyak moto..hahah

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